Water Damage Restoration Grand Rapids

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According to Risk Factor more than 5,500 properties in the Grand Rapids have more than 26% chance of being affected by floods. This is approximately 20% of all the properties in Grand Rapids. So many property owners are prone to have water damage caused either by floods or other common causes like leaking pipes, leaking appliances, leaking roofs and sewage backups. If you are experiencing water damage due to any of these or other reasons, then do not wait. Request for professional water damage restoration Grand Rapids today.

The need for prompt water damage restoration

When your home or business is flooding, you cannot afford to wait. The longer you wait, the more severe and permanent the damage will be. This is either damage to your property or to the items in it. The longer you wait, the more you will have to pay for professional water damage restoration services in Grand Rapids because of the extent of damage.

Waiting long also means more inconveniences to you and your employees. Keeping your business closed for a long time affects your bottom line. It is essential to act fast. Continued water damage affects the structural integrity of the building. As water seeps into building materials it causes defects like bending, warping, rotting and splitting causing damage to your structure.

Furthermore, water damage will cause cosmetic issues like visible stains, discolorations, peeling paints and odors that deter renters or buyers. Waiting for long also causes mold growth. Mold is known to cause structural damage to the house while also exposing occupants to health risks. With quick water damage restoration services, you can take care of the water problem and helping you maintain value of the property.

It is imperative therefore that you act fast when you have water damage. Do not wait even a day to call in the professionals. Most professional companies in Grand Rapids are available and on call 24/7 and respond quickly to your call to start water damage mitigation.

Before you even call in the professionals, you can also start by doing some few simple things to mitigate the damage. Here is what you can do;

  • Remove standing water with mobs and buckets.
  • Cut off the source of water at the mains if it is still following.
  • Ensure proper ventilation to reduce chances of moisture buildup
  • If there is standing water, switch off electricity at the mains to reduce chances of electric shocks.

The professional water damage restoration process

If you call in the professionals for water damage, here is what you should expect;

Inspection – the first step entails inspecting the water damage to your home. This is especially crucial in instances when the water damage is not so obvious for instance a leaking pipe that is out of sight. The inspection is done to determine the scope of work and also come up with a plan targeted to your specific restoration needs.

Quick water extraction – professionals use powerful vacuums and submersible pumps to remove any standing water on the property. Standing water causes structural damage and creates an ideal environment for mold spores to thrive. It is essential therefore that standing water is removed quickly and effectively to stop further damage from happening. If left unattended for long and the source not addressed, small puddles of water can quickly accumulate into large pools of water requiring submersible pumps for water extraction.

The higher the volume of water on your property, the more you will have to pay for professional services because more items will have been damaged. It will also lead to more permanent damage to other important items like furniture, art, electronics and documents.

Thorough drying of affected areas – the next step during professional water damage restoration Grand Rapids, entails ensuring that all the affected parts are completely dry. Besides using machines like air movers and dehumidifiers to remove enhance the drying process, also moisture meters are used to check for hidden moisture pockets around the property and on items.

Thorough drying is important because it reduces chances of mold growth after the water damage restoration process.

Reducing humidity and moisture buildup – for drying to happen quickly, moisture and humidity buildup is reduced using dehumidifiers and high powered fans. This is crucial to reduce chances of mold growth since mold thrives in damp and humid conditions. Lowering the humidity also accelerates the drying process by enhancing evaporation of water particles from the wet surfaces.

Removing damaged materials – during the water damage event, not all items will be salvageable. Some items will have to be removed from the property or business completely. The team will inspect all items carefully and discuss with you while also cataloguing these items for insurance claims purposes.

Repairs and restoration – the final step in water damage restoration Grand Rapids, entails restoring the property to pre-damaged conditions. The professionals will assess the damage to all parts of the building to determine which ones need to be replaced. Do not worry if any parts of the house are damaged and need repairs, because the water damage experts are also certified contractors. They will work on your property ensuring that it restored to previous conditions or even better.

Preventing future water damage and mold growth

Our companies do not just stop at restoring the property, they also help you avoid mold growth in the future. This will ensure the long term health of your property even after the professionals are gone. Mold resistant products may be used in the repairs to prevent mold growth. They will also advice you on how to avoid water damage and mold growth in the future to maintain your property and health.

Are you in need of water damage restoration services in Grand Rapids? Do not worry. With our network of legitimate and experienced companies, you will have access to the services you need while saving precious time. All our companies are pre-vetted and highly rated by our community of property owners that have used their services before.